Changing careers

First of all i must apologise for not updating this blog more often. You see, I’ve recently been very busy as I have decided to change jobs.

I bumped into an old friend of mine late last year, he has been a health and safety manager for a number of years in the construction industry and after seeing how well he was doing I decided to take a leap of faith and change careers.

I spoke to a reputable health and safety recruitment agency, Bryan & Armstrong, a length about my plans and they were very supportive and helped me find my first position.

In my first day on the job I was called to do a risk assessment for a small business in London. They wished to use a disused yard to store timber and needed to assess the location for access for large vans and for the suitability of the ground to take the heavy weight of the timber.

For my second job I then had to asses a former music venue and pub in Swindon which had been converted into flats. Corridors had to be a minimum width and there needed to be safe fire exit routes from all the rooms.

My most recent job was assessing a new commercial premises for a Physiotherapist who was relocating from a home clinic to a town center location. Again, access to and from all the rooms had to meet fire safety standards.

As I say, Im really enjoying my work as a health and safety manager, I’ll keep you posted as to my next new adventures.

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