Buying Christmas Gifts

The holiday season is upon us and as usual I have found myself last minute Christmas shopping online.

I have a number of friends and relatives to buy gifts for every year and this year is no exception, in fact this year it’s worse as some of my friends have had children so that’s added to the list of presents I need to buy.

I do all my shopping online, food from ASDA, household items from Amazon. I don’t have a regular place to buy Christmas gifts from but I did buy a Valentines gift for my wife from Gift Prezzy earlier this year so I will probably buy most of the gifts I can’t find on Amazon from them.

I like to buy unusual gifts for my close friends as I feel like this shows them how well I know them and it makes the whole process more fun for me. I play it much safer when it comes to my family, especially with gifts for my mother and father.

Children’s presents are much harder to buy so my wife has dealt with that at the ELC.

It’s also difficult to know how much to spend. I try to keep to a rule of about £20 per person unless I received a particularly rubbish present last year. It would be easier to keep to this rule if I bought more in the sales but I’m rarely that organised.

I also like to recycle presents I have’t used or opened. This has saved me quite a bit of cash over the years.

I just hope I can get it all done before the last delivery date.

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