Adam Benton

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Looking for a new serviced office

With the new move on the horizon I’m also forced to look for a new office.

For years I’ve been working from home but I never wanted to do that forever and with the new house on the horizon I thought now would be a good time to look for a serviced office.

I’ve got a few offices in mind but I’ve not decided yet which to go for. Here’s my shortlist:

I’m keen to have 24 hour access and fast internet, fortunately these things are pretty standard as is a mailbox and meeting room facilities.

I’ve got to keep the costs down though and I don’t want a minimum term.

Got to make a decision soon…

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Moving house

Wow, I didn’t expect my second post to be so important.

I’ve finally exchanged contracts on a new house and will be moving in a few weeks, if all goes to plan.

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Getting the ball rolling

So this is my first blog post, seems really weird to be starting something like this. Blogging is so last decade but screw it, I don’t really like Twitter or Facebook so here I am.

What are you going to find here, I hear you ask. Well, I am really into my outdoor sports such as mountaineering and mountain biking, so you’ll get a bit of that. I also travel a lot for work so I guess I’ll post about that too.

Not sure what else, lets wait and see what happens!

See you soon
Adam 🙂